Kopi Susu: The Official Music Video

Long time no post! All I’m doing these days is work, and I can’t write about work for a variety of reasons including 1. corporate confidentiality and 2. I don’t want to.

Here is a classic dangdut song about my blog featuring two stars of the 70s and 80s, Mansyur S. and Elvy Sukaesih. I’ve been sneakily subtitling it on my Mac at work over the last week or so. Since I’m in a list-making mood, here are a few of the reasons why I love this video, besides the obvious one:

1. The soaring eagles, drifting swans and nibbling chipmunks. (Er … nibbling chipmunks?)

2. The bad acting.

3. The great singing. These guys have feather-light voices that dance all around the notes without ever straying off key.

4. Elvy Sukaesih busting out what look like little Balinese-dancer style head moves.

5. Mansyur S. waving a banana around naughtily. And is he really pretending to wipe drool off his chin?

“Basket eyes,” by the way, are eyes like baskets — always hungry to be filled.

Props to Novia and Ade for help with the translation!