A Very Dangdut Christmas

I’m falling seriously behind on my holiday blogging. I’m still on Christmas, and we’ve already had a whole bunch of New Years: Javanese New Year, Muslim New Year, Chinese New Year, and New Year New Year. More on those later!

Anyway, last month some friends of ours organized a Very Dangdut Christmas party. This involved hiring an dangdut street band that our friend/colleague Ade wrote this lovely story about in the paper.

I didn’t have high hopes for the band. Most of the dangdut outfits that come to our neighborhood just wander around blaring out-of-tune music on really terrible sound systems. But these guys were pretty good. Here’s a couple of minutes of video; as you can see, it’s a big band, with keyboard, drums, guitars, flute and singers:

Questions: 1. Why do I always seem to be videotaping in the dark? And 2. who is that mysterious mustachioed man?