Angkor Wat!

Angkor Wat presents a challenge to the blogger: How to describe the indescribable?

How to even begin? There are the soaring towers, of course.

I also loved the long, graceful terraces flanked with columns.

A series of bas reliefs stretches the whole length of the terraces, bringing to life, among other tales, the battle between Hanuman’s monkey army and that of the demon king Ravana.

When monkeys attack – with long knives!

On a more spiritual plane are the apsaras, celestial nymphs who smile from corners and columns in nearly every chamber.

My favorite, though – and I guess it’s no big surprise, cat lover that I am – was the lions. They may be corroded, with crumbling faces, but they still have powerful haunches that look coiled and ready to spring.

Next I’ll blog about some of the other temples in the complex. But I repeat, you just can’t capture Angkor Wat in a few words or photos. It is steeped in history and radiant with a dozen different kinds of magic. If you can find a way to get there, go. I don’t see how you could regret it.

Author: Trish Anderton

I am a nonprofit communicator, Red Sox fan and amateur streetfoodologist. Once upon a time I worked for the Jakarta Globe & Jakarta Post.

3 thoughts on “Angkor Wat!”

  1. I am so glad you guys had the chance to experience this amazing place. Like I felt in Nepal about the Himalayas – another place you know I think you should go to should you be given the chance – Angkor could be described to you 100 times, but the beauty is not truly understood until you see it with your own eyes.

  2. Haviva: Amen! Much like, say, Fenway Park šŸ™‚

    Drew: Forget about it! You've got enough trouble on your hands with that earthly nymph of yours.

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