Box of kitty

Susu is losing her kittenish roundness and becoming a lean Jakarta cat.

She is nearly two soda-cans long now and bursting with energy — if you want to sit on the couch reading or working on the computer, it’s wise to have at least a dozen crumpled balls of paper to throw, as well as some golf tees, little plastic balls, and badminton shuttlecocks. She chases them but she doesn’t bring them back, so after tossing them all you have to get up, collect them, and toss them again.

Chad and I had the day off, so we went out and got a new teakettle to replace our cheap, crummy one from Carrefour, which smelled like rotting fish every time we boiled water. Susu spent the afternoon playing with the box. It reminded me of one of my favorite radio moments ever, whenTerry Gross was interviewing the genius musician Tom Waits.

“What did you first learn to play music on?” she asked him.

“Ohhhh, I don’t know,” he growled. “Uhhh …. a box.”

Who knows — maybe Susu will become an amazing songwriter too.

It takes a while, but if you wear her out, she gets pretty snuggly.


Author: Trish Anderton

I am a nonprofit communicator, Red Sox fan and amateur streetfoodologist. Once upon a time I worked for the Jakarta Globe & Jakarta Post.

5 thoughts on “Box of kitty”

  1. wow, she’s growing FAST! probably had a lot of catching up to do. she looks terrific. do you have things she can safely jump up on (that wont be ruined like your desk of electronics)? jumping UP on counters or whatnot is a great kitten energy-taker-upper. well i guess for anyone, come to think of it.oh – also, a string being pulled up a wall! or if she doesnt take to the songwriting you could get her the book “cats who paint” to see if that inspires.

  2. Hi Liko!Yep, she’s doing lots of jumping! Getting onto couches and chairs is still a challenge. Plus, she loves to climb the mattress in the office, which we is standing on end to serve as sound insulation for our makeshift recording space. She sometimes gets all the way to the top, which is pretty impressive for a small kitten!We play with her a lot, under the theory that a tired kitten is a happy kitten. I’d rather she chase a ball for half an hour and collapse, than chase our fingers and toes (ouch!).She keeps herself quite clean and is thoroughly litter-trained now, so those are two things we’ve stopped worrying about.I’ll definitely have to check into the painting thing. With her traumatic early life, I’m sure she has plenty of artistic inspiration to draw on!

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