Junk food of the week: Silver Queen

I was surprised when my friend Michele told me she’d spotted Indonesia’s own Silver Queen chocolate on a list of Sauveur Magazine’s Top 100. Top 100 what? I’m not sure. I like Silver Queen — I’ve rarely met a chocolate bar I don’t like, really, other than the really cheap, waxy, grainy ones — but I never figured it was Top 100 Something or Other quality.

A Canadian chocolate bar named Big Turk also made the list. I find it sad that Silver Queen and Big Turk are separated by so many thousands of miles. I have a feeling they’d be perfect for each other.

Author: Trish Anderton

I am a nonprofit communicator, Red Sox fan and amateur streetfoodologist. Once upon a time I worked for the Jakarta Globe & Jakarta Post.

6 thoughts on “Junk food of the week: Silver Queen”

  1. so what does the Silver Queen taste like, anyway? I have to say, the wrapper design with fruit and nuts all over it is nothing like what I would have guessed for something with that name. where’s the shiny metallic-colored wrapper with crowns and jewels? perhaps I’m overlooking some tradition of candy bar metaphor.what do you suppose “Silver Queen” signfies? on a barely related note, my father’s favorite movie was “African Queen” – but that referred to a boat, not a candybar.

  2. I just remember that the Editor-in-chief of the magazine is James Oseland, the author of Cradle of Flavor- a cookbook on Indonesian food. A longtime Indonesian food enthusiast, no wonder such obscure chocolate (to outsiders) made it to Top 100.

  3. For some reason John was craving chocolate, so the poor thing drove all over town and could find nothing but a Silver Queen bar. For $1.40! Outrageous! (It’s like Rp4000 or something in Jakarta, right?) What he <>should<> have known is that, for the secret of best chocolate in town, he should have just asked the nearest woman. (Bizarrely, the only place here that sells anything but Silver Queen is the petrol station… but they do have quite a good collection, albeit also for outrageous prices.)

  4. Excellent job on the backstory, Kemal. I think we have enough to blow this case wide open.$1.40 for a Silver Queen should be a prosecutable crime, Shelley. Although it is quite a large chocolate bar, as Nicole points out. At least they mark it as being two servings …

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